Lenovo Gets Its 'Boot Or Bust' Commercial All Wrong

This Lenovo laptop is said to boot up in just 10 seconds. Pretty speedy, but can it boot up and launch its own parachute while in freefall? Will it survive?? Thanks, Lenovo. You're making me want to see you fail.

The answer to all the above questions is supposed to be an emphatic yes. That's the point. You're supposed to want to own a sky-diving beast of a laptop. And you gotta love the tense score and shaky cam that really tries to get you invested. But its so obvious. And cheesy to boot. By the end of the clip, I wonder "What if that parachute failed?" or "Imagine if it just fell out of its harness." Then I laugh. Because that's something I want to see.

Now, if that thing could boot up in under ten seconds and had a backup plan in case something went wrong, there's something I'd gladly watch. [RapidBoot]

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