Kogan's 46-Inch 'Borderless' LED TV Takes on LG and Samsung

Borderless doesn't mean bezeless, but $849 is definitely cheaper than competing thin-bezel LED TVs from the big two Koreans. The Full HD set is edge lit, has a 5,000:1 actual contrast ratio, four HDMI inputs, and a 100/120Hz refresh rate. And that's not all that's new from Kogan today…

Kogan products have deservedly copped some stick over the last couple of years, but build quality has also gotten better as their buying power has increased. What's been your experience?

This new TV is one of the better outings I've seen from them. In addition to the specs I've mentioned, it also has SRS speakers, built in time-shifting functionality, and will playback DivX and AVI files (up to 720p) from a USB drive.

Meanwhile, Kogan also pushed out a new Full HD 10x zoom video camera ($279), Touchscreen eBook Reader ($169), and Full HD Twin Tuner PVR ($59). [Kogan]

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    I bought a Blu-ray player from Kogan recently, great value, tracked shipping, questions were answered promptly, all in all a good experience and the player quality is well worth the money i payed.

    100/120hz, so 3d then?

      No, 3D support requires more than just a 120Hz refresh, like an IR sync emitter.

      The TV only adds an interpolated frame between ordinary 60Hz fields, as a way of smoothing "juddery" motion.

    I bought a 42" LDC 1 year ago from Kogan and have been very happy.

    When people find out it's also a PVR with timeshift for the price I paid, they are jealous.

    I want one!

    I noticed this on the Kogan site yesterday. first time there and had stumbled across the Kogan Soundbar. This TV does look impressive for the money, and it's design is very, very similar to the new Samsung range, even down to the logo placement and design. Makes me wonder if it's actually a rebadged Sammy with lower specs.

    Also, anyone worried about the build quality of this shoul also note that the build quality of the current Samsungs, e.g. the very similarly styled D6000 and D7000 range, is also not that great (my 7000 flexed like crazy when we took it out of the box). Picture quality and thin design is amazing though.

      Absolutely no chance this is a rebadged Samsung. This is a rebadged Chinese unit from Alibaba.

        Ah cool, thanks. Design wise it's very similar, they have clearly just copied it as closely as poss. :-)

    I wonder if they got the name Kogan from 'Bogan', trying to sound Aussie without sounding like low lifes.

    Yes I'm aware of its actual meaning, no need to correct me on that.

    Kogan is the name of the founder of the company.

      You obviously didn't read all of the post above yours :P

    "and will playback DivX and AVI files (up to 720p) from a USB drive."

    I went through a detailed exchange with Kogan over the USB spec and I was told conclusively that it would only play standard definition content from the USB port.

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