It Looks Like Hypoallergenic Baby Formula Is A Big Myth, Too

According to a recent study, all that hypoallergenic Similac you bought for baby will offer her no extra protection from hay fever and other common allergies. At least the news could save mums money in the future.

Researchers at the Murdoch Children's Institute gave 620 babies at high risk for allergies HA formula, cow's milk, and soy formula shortly after they stopped breastfeeding. Follow-up assessments were made after they turned six or seven. They found that there was no difference between groups for resistance to allergies.

The study was co-sponsored by Nestlé, and since they make their own hypoallergenic formula, you can imagine they were reasonably disappointed. Mothers who are concerned about allergies should breastfeed their infants, the researchers say, and needn't switch over to formula in order to reduce allergy risk. [New Scientist]

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