How Many Of You Really Think There Are Aliens On Earth?

People love aliens. It's a fact. But it's one thing for them to be beyond the farthest reaches of the galaxy and another for them to live next door. So GOOD and Column Five Media created this graphic to illustrate just how many people believe aliens walk among us.

According to a survey conducted by research firm Ipsos, one in five people worldwide believe that there are aliens on Earth disguised as people. I wonder how many believe they're disguised as cars and kitchen appliances. Is that really any less probable? The numbers also indicate that believers also skew younger and male-er, which is great news for marketers I suppose.

But what's particularly fascinating - enough to make me not want to make bad jokes anyway - is the percentages for sceptics and believers from place to place. What makes a believer in India as opposed to one in the Netherlands? And why leave out Africa and the Middle East entirely? [GOOD]

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