Heads Up Musicians: Reason 6 Has Its Own Audio Hardware

Reason's unique production workflow (it looks like a rack of synths, samplers, and effects) has won quite a few Mac and PC fans over the last decade. Version 6 integrates recording tools from the previously separate 'Record' app, which now morphs into the cut-down 'Reason Essentials' — bundled with the sleek new 'Balance' USB audio interface.

Balance is a fully USB-powered, two-in by two-out audio interface, with 8 input connections, and is targeted at home studios. It will ship with Reason Essentials in September for $US500. The one downside: unless I'm mistaken, it doesn't have MIDI inputs. That may be a deal-breaker for some of you.

Meanwhile, Reason 6 ($US450 in September) will streamline recording (new mixing console, EQ, Line 6 amp models, etc), and has a bunch of new effects to insert: Pulveriser, The Echo, Alligator (a three band pattern gate), along with 64-bit support. There's a bunch of other tweaks here and there, of course. More on those at [Propellerhead]

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