Hammock That Stays Flat So You Can Actually Sleep In It

Is there anything that says 'I'm in paradise' more than sleeping on a hammock? But there's no back support! That's why Exped invented a Hammock with a flat back. Sleeping on a hammock never felt this good.

Lounging around with an umbrella drink on a hammock is perfect! Hanging with girls in bikinis? Lovely. Even short naps are fine. But when you try to get some real rest on a hammock, your back will cave in from being curved for hours upon hours. Exped's Ergo Hammock adds a camping mat/mattress pad inside the hammock's back so there's always a flat surface to lie down on. Sure, it's not the classic string hammock variety but it still elevates you off the floor and keeps you at peace. There's even an option for a mosquito net and rain roof. Approximately $US180. [Trailspace via The Gear Caster]

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