HAL Exosuit Helps Disabled Man Reach Tourist Peak

Remember the HAL exosuit? I’ve been fascinated ever since stumbling across it way back in 2009. It basically gives the wearer superhuman strength, and will soon be used to help one man easily carry a second disabled man to the rocky tops of Mont Saint-Michel in France.

Seiji Uchida, 49, was disabled in a car accident, but always dreamed of walking the tourist islet. The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) will allow a volunteer to help Uchida achieve his dream. Developed by Cyberdyne (no not that Cyberdyne), the suit detects muscle movements and is intended to help the elderly achieve mobility and independence.

Amazing stuff, but you’re still a ways off from switching gran’s scooter with a RoboCop cardigan. [Herald Sun]

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