Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor: Watch Out Michael Phelps

It is miserably hot outside in the US. Swimming makes it seem less miserable. But just how awesome is your breaststroke, Mr Not-Michael Phelps? The Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor will tell you, in excruciating detail.


This a pretty incredible watch for swimmers. The built-in accelerometers and magnetometers records distance, your strokes per lap, distance per stroke, calories, and even what kind of stroke you're pulling. At the end of your workout, you can review all the data generated on the watch itself (it can store up to 14 workouts) or you can upload the data to an online database. I can see where I slow down, and know that when I'm doing 200s of freestyle, my seventh and eighth laps are consistently the slowest, so that's where I need to work on picking up the pace. Who needs a coach when you got this watch?

No Like

It's not cheap, at $US200. Also, it's massive. Not only can you feel the it weighing on your wrist, stroke after stroke, at point I was sharing a narrow lane with another swimmer and I actually got the watch caught on the lane line at one point. Ouch.

The Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor is available through Finis for $US199.99.

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