Finally iPad And MacBook Sleeves To Match Your Designer Jeans

Denim! It's comfy, rugged and versatile. What's not to love? Some people love it so much that they're willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a single pair. But why stop at pants? Incase sure doesn't.

The ubiquitous maker of neoprene sleeves has joined forces with Parisian purveyor of raw denim, A.P.C., to bring us these hipper than hip Apple product protectors. If you prefer the model with the white graphics and happen to live in Asia, you're in luck. The rest of the world is relegated to the plain jean look.

The iPad and MacBook sleeves run for $US99 and $US79 respectively, which isn't cheap, but it does buy you some quality goods. They're wrapped in A.P.C's selvage denim and finished with tan leather trim. After all, everyone knows you can't put a price on coolness. [Incase via Acquire]

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