Finally, A Website That Steps Up To Prevent Unwanted Body Art

The next time you see a middle-aged man with an unfortunately placed "Frankie Say Relax" tattoo, hold your judgement. Many Friday nights ago, he may have fallen victim to a threat that haunts us all: the drunken tattoo decision.

If you've simply resigned yourself to the possibility of waking up with an unwanted tramp stamp, though, you're selling yourself short! Tattly is a new temporary tattoo website where 11 designers are providing a lifeline. Tattoos are $US5 for a set of two, but when you're under the influence you'll probably splurge on the 15 tattoo, $US35 Everything Launch Special. And that's OK.

If Tattly becomes the homepage on your smartphone's browser, that's OK too.

[Tattly via Laughing Squid]

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