Fake Chinese Apple Store Looks Amazingly Real

Don't be deceived by the slick marketing materials and blue shirts with Apple logos. This is not an Apple Store. It's a cheap knock-off located in Kunming, China.

These photos were taken by a pair of Americans who stumbled on this store in southwestern China. It looked like an Apple store, had display material consistent with an Apple store and the employees even believed they worked for an Apple store. But it's fake, fake, fake.

There are several subtle signs, not the least of which is that Apple does not operate a store in Kunming, that suggest this store is one amazingly realistic ripoff. One clue is the sign which has the Apple logo and says "Apple Store". And the badges which have the word staff, but not the employee names on them. And, lastly, the store itself which on close inspection looks shoddy. Craziness. [Birdabroad via ifoapplestore]

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