Cyber-Grannies Can Track Pulse And Blood Pressure On This Cane

Oh, so Big Jim at the nursing home thinks he's all that, with his cane that doubles up as an umbrella? Egle Ugintaite's cane concept walks all over that, and then some. Sensors actually take readings from the user's wrist, and track the pulse, bloody pressure and body temperature, displaying the stats on the little LCD screen.

The cane can also track the user's location by GPS in case they get lost, and with the addition of an SOS button, alert the police or authorities if in trouble.

If the cane actually went into production, I'd like to see some sort of online presence too, whereby the user could track their daily stats over time. As Lithuanian designer Ugintaite actually won a recent Fujitsu design award, perhaps they'll help him realise his dream. [Fujitsu via Springwise via UberGizmo]

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