Could Finally Come To Australia?

Well this is interesting. Seems Amazon's web-services team is readying a local data centre to target big business cloud computing. Just throwing it out there, but could this pave the way for Amazon's shopping site to finally come to Australia? Between cheaper shipping, the Kindle, and a possible Android tablet — here's hoping so!

I'm purely speculating of course. Amazon has local stores in the UK, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, France and Austria, but has halted their international roll out for quite a while now. But between the Australian data centre, and the Kindle shipping to Australia, that may change. Amazon's CTO, Werner Vogel, told The Australian today that:

"Given that we recently rolled out Amazon Italy it is clear that we are continuing to look at (the) rollout (of) other locations that might be beneficial for our retail operation….And I think every country in the world is probably on that shortlist."

Whatever, just hurry up already…you're leaving Aussie dollars on the table. And it'd be fun to see how retailers like JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman would react to the extra competition. [The Australian]



    As nice it would be to have giving us cheaper shipping costs and prices in AUD, one would hope that they can keep their prices low enough so that buying a book from the AU website will still be cheaper than from the US or UK websites, or their newly purchased Book Depository.

    For items other than books, I definitely welcome Amazon AU

    Oh yes please!

    I always have to compare between US and UK Amazon when making my orders just to check which one gives me a better deal. Will be great to know I wont have to do that any more!

    I wont use it. Not having to pay the inflated prices in Australia is the big reason why I shop on Amazon US or UK. With the demise of Borders and other book stores in Australia alone would be making me think twice about getting Amazon set up over here. Though saying that it would be awesome working for them.

    While nice, a data centre is quite a step away from actually opening up warehouses. Given Amazon is looking to become a player in the cloud services a data centre in the region makes sense without necessarily pointing to a store.

    Maybe Amazon, Bestbuy and Newegg can all start up here :D

    Not worried about buying physical items from amazon but id love to see amazon music store in aus. It is the best option for buying music through android.

    Yep they are tech partnering with the Common Wealth Bank for its Cloud Solution.


    I'd give my left nut for Amazon Prime. Yearly subscription fee and unlimited 2 day shipping with $4 one day options and streaming services.

    Hey, It says on amazon UK's website their doing free shipping to Aus and NZ. Since when do they even ship here anyway??

    I hope they will let us buy products at US prices, postage is the killer there! #]

    Won't an Australian website just mean higher prices? Australia routinely gets shafted for price, including digital distribution (iTunes' adjustment notwithstanding).
    I got my Kindle from Amazon US, and regularly buy my e-books from there already. Others buy books and other items from US and UK Amazon at half the price of Australian bookstores. There is absolutely no need for Amazon to actually set up shop here, except to gouge customers.

      ABSOLUTELY correct. Cant believe all these replies have not worked this out. Amazon operating in AU would be a disaster for us all in terms of cheaper prices. With Amazon UK now offering free postage for blurays etc...these prices currently are the best we are gonna get.

    The worst thing is that if they open an Australia store, we'll be paying Australian prices as they will prevent us from buying via their UK or US site if it has cheaper prices. That means we the Australian consume lose, not win.

    This would be so fantastic. After how many years?

    Who cares about the shopping. I'm just stoked that we'll soon get localised AU EC2 hosting!

    As long as they don't bar us from using the UK & US sites.

    With the decline of bricks and mortar retail, the vacuum is always going to be filled...

    Amazon have pretty much no choice to move into Asia Pacific...if they don't others will.

    It's just a matter of time. And timing!

    We used to have an, back in the day. They pulled out because no-one was buying.

    I am currently researching which reader to purchase and so far books from Amazon seem the most reasonable. I have previously purchased paper backs and books of interest which I am happy with, they are half the price of those in Australia even as an online ebook. I would certainly not want to see our books go up in price to that of some of those on line Aussie ones, I for one could not afford to purchase many at high prices. Also it would mean looking more serious at which reader of the future.

    I think this is not necessary. I use and for my shopping and dont have problems at all. I can buy cheaper than here. Also couple days ago I found they post here goods we can ship to Australia. Looks like it beginning of something useful.

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