Commonwealth Bank Goes App Crazy: iPad, iPhone, Android and WP7

It only took forever, but CBA has finally improved its iPhone app, and expanded to other platforms. They've also launched a tablet-optimised version of NetBank, and it's this interface that the native tablet apps wrap around.

Andy Lark, chief marketing and online officer, CBA, explained that he plans "HTML5 as well as native apps." In the meantime, Windows Phone 7 users can feel chuffed that they got bumped ahead of BlackBerry users.

Lark also explained that CBA will "be there with NFC as soon as the handsets are ready to go. We're working on it now. As soon as they are ready to deploy that technology, we aim to be there. You should expect us to lead very aggressively in the payments space."

Hearing that reminds me how much it sucks that the Australian version of Samsung's Galaxy S II doesn't have NFC. It seems the bankers are getting ready, over to you mobile makers. [Lifehacker]

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