'Bloat-Resistant' Beer Probably Tastes Like Pee Water

Molson Coors is releasing Animee, a new bloat-resistant beer targeted at women. Supposedly, the brewery spent two years developing the "lightly sparkling and finely filtered" beer that comes in three flavors: clear filtered, crisp rosé and zesty lemon.

I don't know why they bothered with three different flavours since they'll all probably taste like varying levels of piss water. Come on, light and sparkling? Finely filtered zesty lemon? More piss or more water? This is not beer... which, well, is kinda the point.

Animee (a French word, meaning livened up) is Molson Coor's effort in regaining the women market by turning beer into something their advertisers and business strategists assume women want. And though bloat-resistant sounds nice (to everyone!), they don't specify how they did it so I'm assuming it might not even work. I'm probably not alone in thinking this will fail. [Molson Coors via Eater]

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