BlackBerry Hints At New OS 7 Phones As 9930 Leaks In The US

What's the best way to skirt over yesterday's announced redundancies? Announce via Twitter and Facebook that your first OS 7 phones are being announced the next day, and then ensure Verizon accidentally leaks a video of the 9930.

RIM showed the 9930 off in May, but Verizon's video (hidden in the "explore features" tab of the 9650) is the first time we've seen it in action running OS 7 (apart from a few leaked videos). In case you've forgotten, it's RIM's thinnest BlackBerry ever, but somehow manages to squeeze the largest QWERTY keyboard into the frame. A 2.8-inch touchscreen enables the user to use the tried-and-tested pinch and zoom on the new OS 7 platform, and inside it's got 8GB of onboard storage and a 1.2GHz processor with 768MB of RAM. Turn it around, and there's a 5MP camera that can shoot 720p video.

It's also the first 'Berry with NFC support, and also runs on Verizon's 4G LTE network.

The 9930 might not have to debut alone, though — in their tweet, RIM hinted at "new BlackBerry devices" coming today, so we could see the Bold Bellagio 9790 and Torch 2 also introduced. [@BlackBerry via CrackBerry via PhoneArena and BlackBerry's FB, via Verizon and Engadget]

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