Australia’s First Crime Scene Investigation Lab Opens

Australia’s First Crime Scene Investigation Lab Opens

Ever thought about becoming a CSI? NSW Police and the University of Western Sydney have joined forces on a new multi-million dollar forensic science centre where students learn how to gather evidence in realistic crime scenes. Huge bonus infographic: How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works…

NSW Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipion said the new lab will give police, scientists and students — from fields like policing, law, nursing, business and health — access to cutting edge forensic techniques.

But Glenn Porter, Head of the Forensic Science program at UWS, points out that students won’t be wearing designer clothes like crime scene investigators wear on TV.

“Students wear hot and stuffy crime scene suits – full head-to-toe overalls – gloves, face masks and eye protection. It’s uncomfortable, but without it the crime scene could be potentially contaminated and forensic evidence rejected by the courts.”

The centre also includes a purpose-built area to analyse blood spatter. Courtesy of (unrelated to UWS), here’s how bloodstain pattern analysis works:

[UWS and NSW Police via SMH]