Are Drones So Easy To Fly That Even A Journalist Can Do It?

There's been much talk lately about the Predator Drone and how using it to take out enemies from a distance is like playing a video game.

This sudden increase in Drone buzz may have something to do with the Paris Air show where a number of UAV are on display by a bunch of different companies, one of which, which claims that their's is designed to be easier to use than a computer game.

CNN's Bryony Jones decided to take them up on that challenge, and talked the company until letting her pilot one of their unmanned vehicles. Fortunately (unfortunately?) it wasn't one a Predator or one of those other huge, town-levelling aircraft. Instead they put her behind the tablet of the Datron Scout, a camera-equipped micro-UAV that is used for reconnaissance and looks an awful lot like the commercially available Parrot Drone.

How'd she do? Check out the video.

Flying lessons: Learning how to pilot a drone [CNN]

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