US Air Force Flies From To Antarctica To Rescue Sick Worker

If you're wondering about the cost of this medical evacuation, think high. And then probably think a bit higher. Flying 7400km from Washington State to Antarctica, the C-17 cargo plane dodged ash-clouds and strapped on night-vision goggles to pick up the poorly contractor and drop him off at a hospital in New Zealand.

Presumably New Zealand didn't have any spare helicopters or planes lying about just waiting to make the short hop over to Antarctica, and the Air Force guys were more than ready to flex their muscles and rush to help. What champs. [Pacific Air Forces via Wired]


    Given that Antarctica is dark 24/7 at this time of the year, you'd be correct in assuming that New Zealand doesn't have the adequate technology to make such a trip.

    the us armed forces runs operations out of mcmurdo station anyways.
    also during this time of year the conditions you have to land in can be crazy, i dont think anything smaller than a C17 would make it.

    hold on, wasn't it an american. Why does or would NZ need to go and get them?

    The Americans are responsible for looking after their own people in their semi-legal land grab of territory on a continent nowhere near the USA. The NZ and/or Australian govt are in no way in the business of using their considerable capabilities in the Antarctic to bail the USA out unless they are explicitly asked to do so; they have their own far more legitimate presences to run. This article clearly enumerates why many hate American arrogance about their awesomeness and everybody else’s supposed incompetence. Sloppy journalism.

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