A Look Inside People's Refrigerators

Photographer Mark Menjivar travelled across the US for three years and talked to people from every walk of life about food. He also took pictures of their refrigerators. Dirty or clean, empty or full.

He compiled the photos and captioned each one as part of his self-titled project "You Are What You Eat." It's a unique look at our lives according to what we eat and how we store our food. Enjoy the teaser gallery above or head to Menjivar's site for the full experience. [Mark Menjiva via PetaPixel]

Midwife/Middle School Science Teacher | San Antonio, TX | 3-Person Household (including dog) | First week after deciding to eat all local produce.

Carpenter/Photographer | San Antonio, TX | 3-Person Household | 12 Point Buck shot on family property.

Bar Tender | San Antonio, TX | 1-Person Household | Goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4PM daily.

Competitive Food Eaters | New York, New York | 3-Person Household | Holds records for eating most burritos, cannolis, buffet food, green beans, sushi, pancakes, ramen noodles, tamales, tiramisu and sweet corn.

Street Advertiser | San Antonio, TX | 1-Person Household | Lives on $US432 fixed monthly income.

Botanist | Ft. Wayne, IN | 1-Person Household | Feels more comfortable among flora and fauna of his era than people.

Food Artist | New York, New York | 1-Person Household | Runs a vegan bakery from her apartment.

Short Order Cook | Marathon, TX | 2-Person Household | She can bench press over 300 lbs. (And a snake?)

College Students| Waco, TX | 3-Person Household | Drummer for death metal band.

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