7 Tools To Help Your AntiSec Hacking Antics Remain Anonymous

7 Tools To Help Your AntiSec Hacking Antics Remain Anonymous

Lulzsec has vanished into the ether. Anonymous is lost in Orlando City. And, I don’t know what you’re doing on the internet. Don’t wanna know. But if someone were to step up in their place and expose corruption or shoddy corporate IT security, they should prepare for the oh-so-dramatic moment when the FBI rolls in and tears up their geek cave.

Here are a few tools that’ll help that, uh, friend of yours get his #AntiSec on.

Hard Drive Degausser

Degaussing is the only real way to wipe a drive without destroying it completely. If you know The Man is on his way, run your drive through a degaussing machine, which will pull those 1s and 0s right off the drive. $US8500.

Pulverizer Hammer

If you don’t have time to erase, destroy. Built for the express purpose of demolishing things, the Pulverizer will take your computer from whole to pieces in a matter of seconds. $US35.

Countersurveillance Probe

Someone may be tracking you, or have already bugged your house. The CPM-700 Countersurveillance probe will allow you to detect whether or not there are video or audio transmitters, telephone bugs, infrared transmitters or tape recorders active in your area. $US2250.

IP Proxy Server

While you’re out generating lulz, don’t leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs. Instead, use a proxy server, which will assign you a fake IP address. Not only will it make you harder to track, but if you’re in the US, you can also use BBC’s iPlayer.

LogMeIn Pro VNC Client

You might need a head start evading police. Operating your main machine from a remote computer using a VNC client is one way to pull one over on the FBI. LogMeIn Pro should be able to handle most of your needs. $US70/year. Image via ZDnet

Voice Changer

If you have to make a call for any reason, don’t use your own phone. And don’t use your own voice. Who knows what analysis software is listening, waiting to trigger an alert. Run your words through a voice changer, which will also eliminate that pubescent squeak in your voice that never went away. $US21.

Iron Key Secure Flash Drive

You probably have some incriminating apps and files on your computer. Don’t keep them on your computer. Instead, keep ’em on a hardware-encrypted IronKey, which not only has 256-bit encryption, but also comes with a secure build of Firefox with private browsing enabled. $US100.