6 Tools To Cure Tomorrow Morning’s Hangover

6 Tools To Cure Tomorrow Morning’s Hangover

You you’re going out tonight, and you might — just might — have a few too many. It happens! But rather than feeling like a worthless hungover husk all day, try these six tools to fix those nasty post-bender pains.

Portable Sauna

Some believe that a steam bath is a good way to flush the alcohol toxins out of your body. Since you’re not in any condition to go track one down, why not bring the sauna to you? This home version gives you the option to stand our sit, and has a steam machine for full refreshing effect. $US225.

Hangover Beverage

Mercy’s hangover cure doesn’t use caffeine or a some herbs you’ve never heard of to vanquish your head-hurt. Instead, it’s a carbonated drink and packed full of B and C vitamins, which provide much-needed energy when you wake up depleted the next morning. Mercy’s creators recommend consuming over the course of your night out, or just before crashing to bed for optimum effect. $US12.

White Noise Machine

At the end of the day — or the beginning — sleep is the best cure for a hangover. Know what lulls the mind to blissful unconsciousness after you’ve woken up at 7am wondering where that black eye came from? A white noise machine, that’s what. The repetitive, ambient noise will drown out smaller, more annoying noises and allow your brain to drift back to dreamland. $US50.

Head Massager

If you were mixing your alcohols, you’ll probably have a massive headache to answer to. Get the blood flowing up there again with a solid head massage. This little contraption will help do the trick. $US12.

Salt Pills

Drinking dehydrates you. When you’re dehydrated, you’re lacking in electrolytes — in other words, salt. Pop a couple of salt pills along with plenty of water and you’ll be feeling like yourself, or something like it, in no time. $US20.

Hangover-Free Alcohol

There’s a brand of Soju in Korea which has been deemed as ‘hangover-free”. How? They super-oxygenated the booze, which is a tried and true method to lessen the hangover effect. The downside? You’ll also be drunk for a shorter period of time. Which, come to think of it, may be an upside after all. Korea-only for now (unfortunately).