30 Comic-Con Exclusive Toys You’ll Sell Your Organs For

30 Comic-Con Exclusive Toys You’ll Sell Your Organs For

The cruel economics of Comic-Con dictate that gee-whiz collectibles (produced in ludicrously small quantities) will be rewarded to those who make the pilgrimage to San Diego. Here are the 2011 exclusives destined to whip convention-goers into a rampage.

You can find a full list of all the sellers’ booths here. Comic-Con exclusive information tends to come out in drips and draps, so we’ve listed the prices as they’re available. Also, a few of these doodads may be sold online after the convention (but the odds might not be in your favour).

First off, Toys”R”Us’ Marvel Vs Capcom 3 alternate colour scheme Minimates collection, available at the Entertainment Earth booth. The line-up: stealth Iron Man, Red Hulk, Morrigan, and a Mega Man-coloured Zero. They’ll also be on-sale in limited quantities online July 24, the day Comic-Con wraps up.

Toys”R”Us will be releasing a DCU vs MOTU: Bizarro vs. Battle Armor Faker action pack at the Entertainment Earth booth. Clones who talk funny, all in one box! Toys”R”Us’ will also be selling this set online after SDCC.[imgclear]

There will be a bunch of exclusive Locke and Key model keys on sale at the IDW booth for $US20-$US25.[imgclear]

Toy supervillain The Sucklord will be releasing 40 of his Lavender Guardsman for $US69 a pop at the DKE booth.[imgclear]

Dark Horse Comics’ booth will be selling a Syroco statue of Peter Parker as 50 per cent Spider-Man for $US49.99.[imgclear]

Underground Toys’ River Song and Pandorica Chair will be on sale for $US30.[imgclear]

Hasbro’s selling a 16-inch Marvel Sentinel figurine for $US59.99. It comes with its own carrying case with artwork by Joe Quesada.[imgclear]

Entertainment Earth’s Venture Bros Rusty & Jonas Venture Sr set is nifty, but it’s the Rusty Venture TV show lunch box that is the selling point. It’s $US44.99, and you can pre-order online (but will have to wait until November).[imgclear]

Hasbro’s Star Wars Death Star Exclusive includes 14 Return of the Jedi action figures in a carrying case that’s shaped like no moon. There’s even a Salacious B. Crumb action figure![imgclear]

Speaking of Star Wars, Gentle Giant has a Stormtrooper minibust based on Ralph McQuarrie’s original designs at their booth.[imgclear]

A stuffed Robot Devil from Futurama, available from Toynami.[imgclear]

Hasbro’s bringing this Cobra Commander and Starscream team-up set. Megatron’s included as Cobra Commander’s gun.[imgclear]

NECA’s giving Gizmo from Gremlins the Comic-Con treatment.[imgclear]

Mezco’s Scott Pilgrim action figure comes sporting his winter jacket for those blustery Toronto nights.[imgclear]

Hallmark is releasing a set of IG-88 and Dengar ornaments for your next Life Day celebration. They’ll be available at the Lucasfilm Pavilion.[imgclear]

Entertainment Earth is releasing a dual action figure of William Shatner from “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” and “Nick of Time”. This item too will be available come November.[imgclear]

DC Direct’s offering an exclusive Professor Zoom action figure from Flashpoint.[imgclear]

[imgclear] Yup, Marvel’s going whole hog with the Minimates this year. The Beta Ray Bill set will be available at the Action Figure Xpress booth, whereas the Future Foundation will be sold at the Disney Store near the convention centre.[imgclear]

Diamond Select will also be selling their own alternate colour MvC3 Minimate pack containing Phoenix, Arthur, Deadpool and Dante for $US17.99.[imgclear]

[imgclear] Hasbro’s releasing the Indiana Jones “Lost Wave” six-figure set, which comes with a goddamn melting Nazi.

Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 1969 will be sold first at Top Shelf Productions’ booth. Same goes for Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod. (League images via Bleeding Cool.)

[imgclear] Kotobukiya’s selling statues of the Invisible Woman and Emma Frost (who’s merely see-through). Sue Storm’s at the Kotobukiya booth, and the White Queen is for sale at Diamond Direct for $US59.99.

This Mumm-Ra figurine just wants a hug, and he too is available at the Action Figure Xpress booth.[imgclear]

Mattel’s selling 20 inches of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for $US70.[imgclear]

Diamond Direct has 1500 of these Green Lantern Bearbrick’s for $US17.99 a pop. This toy too will be on sale after the show.[imgclear]

Mattel’s selling this Swamp Thing action figure (with Un-Men!) for $US30. (Photo via Kord Industries)[imgclear]

Mattel’s Hot Wheels Back to the Future secret box is going for $US35. It could hide a hoverboard, but it could also contain manure.[imgclear]

Finally, for those of you who need the right item to complement your Cho Chang commemorative plates, Gentle Giant is selling 550 busts of a bruised and bloody Neville Longbottom for $US70 each. I will display 40 of these in my bathroom facing the toilet so my dinner guests become horrendously pee shy.[imgclear]

Thanks goes out to Jonathan Wilkins.