You Can Now Use Bitcoins In The Real World

Ah, BitCoin. The crazy-cool online currency that set out to change global finance. And is, naturally, being used increasingly for illicit drugs when it's not being hacked. Man, all I want is to buy a meal with my internet money! Wait. I can? In midtown??

Blogger Pseudonymous was recently invited by maker and Logan Airport terror scare alum Star Simpson to write a post about bitcoins. He or she presented this quirky anecdote that resulted in a delicious hummus lunch. WITH OLIVES.

Being in midtown Manhattan, I decided to hop over to Meze Grill for a bite to eat. The restaurant is a block or so from Columbus Circle and sports a rather professional-looking "Bitcoin Accepted Here" sign in the window.

I walked up to them. "Excuse me," I said, "I heard you accept Bitcoins here?"

"Yes, of course," the owner replied, nonchalantly.

The owner responded so confidently, I felt as though I had asked if they took US dollars. What kind of a restaurant did I think this was - of course they accept Bitcoins!

You're lucky we don't throw you out! Accept Bitcoins. Puh! Kids today!

As if on cue, a young man I'd prefer to remember as wearing a trenchcoat, mirrored sunglasses, and with slicked-back hair walked in, with his entourage... The young man said he was a Bitcoin blogger and Android app developer...

Definitely not there for the drugs.

Feeling satisfied as I enjoyed my lunch, I remembered how many people I've heard continue to call Bitcoin imaginary, or a pyramid scheme. But I used it in a retail point-of-sale transaction and got a tasty meal, with nothing more than a cryptographic signature...

Ok I'm at least half convinced. But it might be just that I'm hungry. [Star Simpson via NY Mag]


    Yeah,.. I'm still not sure how you actually make money with Bitcoins,.. Apparently you need butloads of computing power and time! When I had it installed, I left the program running for days on my Core i7 950 3.07GHz with 8 gig 1600 DDR3, and it didn't produce a single coin!!

      At this point mining for bitcoins isn't really gonna get you anywhere.

      I think you need to actually sell something for bitcoins or purchase bitcoins if you want any.

        Thanks for that.. Given their recent woes, I think I'll give it a miss!! :{

    Woes? Not really much woes... couple hiccups but you'll be kicking yourself for not getting in earlier :]

      I'm in the dark here, firstly, where would you buy goods with "bitcoins" and where would you buy "bitcoins" in the first place, and the real kicker,.. the whole concept sounds like some kind of pyramid scheme, so I guess I'm gonna have to be able to trust it first!! Do you use it, and if so where do you use it.. :)

        Regarding your question about where one buys bitcoins, I personally use and recommend - they have lower fees than the main exchange (, and their website seems more professional, IMHO.

        Also, I have a code that will get you 10% off your trading fees for life if you want to buy/sell bitcoins there: TH-R1168

        The official Bitcoin FAQ is a good place to start learning about the system and the misconceptions, the most common being "its a pyramid scheme".

        Hmm,.. Thanks guys, I'll look into it :]

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