Why The Woz Really Is The Ultimate Geek Superhero

Why The Woz Really Is The Ultimate Geek Superhero

 title=He’s done everything from Dancing with the Stars to dating Kathy Griffin to being the unofficial spokesperson for the extreme sport of Segway Polo. But Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak still has the time for the little guy, as Brisbane web company Creative Intersection learned during Woz’s latest trip to Australia.

When the guys from Creative Intersection learned that the Woz would be in Australia speaking at the Australian Business Conference this month, they decided to approach him to ask if he’d like to present to the team. And he accepted.

For two hours, the team from Creative Intersection were wined and dined while chatting with Woz and his wife. As described on the company blog:

Over the course of 2 hours, sharing some drinks and finger food, Woz regaled us with numerous tales of his time working at Apple, his fascination for numbers (he has owned the most amazing “collection” of phone numbers), his Fusion-io IPO plans, and many other stories of his life in the hotbed of Silicon Valley’s tech intrigue and hijinx.

And, of course, because of our own passion for web-connected iPhone, iPad, and Android applications, we talked with Woz about his thoughts on mobile devices, business applications, and “The Cloud”.

Totally envious. The only way it could have been better would have been if he’d invited them out for a game of Segway Polo afterwards.

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