Why Is Facebook Losing Americans?

Facebook lost five million active users in the US last month, according to a tracking service, despite robust growth overseas. Are Facebook's first adopters finally sick of the social network?

Tracking and publishing company Inside Facebook reported that the social network's active US users fell to 149.4 million at the end of May, compared with 155.2 million at end of April, the biggest loss in at least a year. There were also user declines in the United Kingdom, Norway and Russia, where Facebook has been around for a while, but growth in newer markets like Brazil and Mexico.

Some of this is just school kids dropping off the grid as summer starts, some of it is the inevitable backlash from users who try Facebook and decide they hate it. America is a pretty saturated market for Facebook after all. But if the social network wants to reach its goal of one billion global users, and to keep growing quickly enough to make its late stage investors rich, it's going to need to drive up engagement. If only there were some invasive, creepy technology it could deploy globally to force people to check their accounts more. Oh, right, facial recognition!

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    Well, my FB for one has been quiet lately..
    350friends, and it feels like nothing's happening on there.

    I wish FB wasn't used so much, sick of staying on there..

    I'm waiting for that other social site that was featured on giz a while back, started with an "i" I think? Bunch of student putting it together? What was it....auuughghhh brain hurts...

      DIASPORA! Googled "students social site kickstarter" and that found it :p

    Nice advertisement attempt :/ Now I will never ever visit that one.

    Yeah it is getting really boring. Nothing ever really happens on there. It is useful for getting event invites and birthday reminders but otherwise pretty shit. I know lots of people that turn off during exam periods because it is easy to spend a lot of time on Facebook despite it being so shit. We like to spy on other people i guess. I'm about ready to jump ship though. Wastes too much time

    I'm noticing a lot of people having a real issue with their privacy policies and things like the facial recognition algorithms they are developing - especially Germans and other Europeans.

    Personally I find it useful to have for events and photo sharing but I would never log in just to play around.

    Are there any stats on the amount of time an average user spends on there now?

    You will never have a social network that is as big as Facebook without a business model that does not in some way benefit corporations.
    All these new sites claiming non invasive privacy rules will fold as soon as they become succesful.
    Running server farms as big as city blocks doesn't come for free.

    Funny how our freedom and privacy are slowly being chipped away... people don't seem to notice or care.

    If this is the beginning of a trend may be we'll see a return to sanity by all the business who desperately and shamelessly try to get themselves some sort of following on Facebook. An example that comes to mind is running competitions that force entrants to get on to Facebook and add "likes"... Yeah, Im lookin at you Gizmodo.

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