What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

With every passing week, the NBN becomes more of a permanent reality for Australians. Let’s see what happened this week.

• Residents in Gungahlin, one of the early release sites for the NBN, are getting antsy about their NBN rollout. It seems NBN Co hasn’t done too much in the way of communicating how the service will roll out to them – probably because they’ve been so busy fighting off ridiculous accusations and trying to get past being a political football. The upside is that where originally just 3000 homes were to be connected, now the entire suburb will get the fibre when building commences. [Canberra Times]

• The Telstra/NBN Co deal is almost done, but with the coalition taking every opportunity to say they’ll cancel the network, Telstra wants assurances. Those assurances look to be in the form of break fees worth more than a billion dollars. Let’s hope that’ll be enough to guarantees the network’s future, regardless of a change in government. [The Australian]

• NBN Co is in discussions with utility providers in the Northern Territory to combine the rollout of broadband with the rollout of underground power cabling. That’s using the old noggin’ [NTNews]

• NextGen Networks has unveiled a wholesale broadband offering that will allow ISPs of all sizes to access the NBN. More ISPs mean better competition, right? [CIO]

• Some PR execs are in for great Christmas presents this year, with word that NBN Co will have spent more than $800,000 this year to PR firm Weber Shandwick to develop its communications strategy. Good thing their Sydney office is right opposite a Lamborghini dealer, isn’t it? [The Australian]

• It seems that the Tasmanian schools in NBN rollout areas still aren’t connected to the national network. Why? Because they’re locked in to contracts with current providers. Which is a good tip – if you want NBN access as soon as it arrives in your street, don’t lock yourself in to any long term contracts! [Technology Spectator]

• You guys seemed to like the education video we saw this week… [Giz]

• For all the moaning about the cost of the NBN, spare a thought for the money we spend actually paying politicians who spend their time meowing at Senator Conroy in parliament. How much would the country save getting rid of that stupidity? [SMH]

• The NBN/Telstra deal isn’t quite ready yet [Smart Company]