What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

 title=Another week of NBN news, summed up nicely here for you on Giz AU. Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

• The Telstra deal with the NBN – aside from being a crucial part of the network’s rollout, is actually having a bit of a positive effect on Telstra share prices. Now all those mum and dad investors can benefit from the NBN twice as much! [The Australian]

• NBN Co is hiring security peeps to keep its network safe(r) from hackers. All before they’ve even really taken off, too! [Computerworld]

• That Alcatel Lucent corruption scandal that critics of the NBN were using to smear NBN Co top dog Mike Quigley? Well, the case has been closed, and Quigley wasn’t even questioned. Talk about a beat up. [SMH]

• Building the NBN is only the first part of the drive to get Australia online. A great piece on Crikey explains why all this pointless politicising of the network is only distracting us from the work that needs to be done to educate less tech savvy communities to the benefits of online networking. [Crikey]

• Last week Ericsson won the bid to start rolling out LTE for the wireless component of the NBN. But CSIRO is still hoping that its Ngara technology could have a place in the NBN rollout, and is continuing to develop it. [Australian IT]

• While we love the whole idea of the NBN, we’re not so big a fan of Conroy’s idea that all its details should be kept secret. Especially now that we know the politician spent $268,000 on lawyers fighting off freedom of information requests. [News]

• NBN Co and Telstra deal could be signed off next week, although you should wait until July before any official announcement is made… [SMH]

• NBN Co and the NBN’s website didn’t pass muster for World IPv6 day. Means nothing, but still disappointing. [CIO]

• The Herald thinks that the NBN should be created by leprechauns and fairies and other magical beings, considering they took the time to criticise the fact the network is paying the people who are building it despite only having 560 customers. Um, Herald Sun? You know that you need to pay people to work, right? And you need people to work for things to get built? And you can’t have people use a service before its built? Honestly, why do we even waste our time reading this drivel? [Herald Sun]

• Ooh, NBN has an official training certificate qualification. Costs $2000 to complete though. Damn. [SMH]

• Conroy’s won another award, but this one’s not for being the biggest douche on the interwebs. This one’s for the NBN, and comes from Global Telecoms Business magazine. [IT Wire]

• Optus big daddy Singtel has come out in support of the NBN, claiming rolling out fibre to the home is too difficult to make a businees case around and governments should get involve to help out. [The Australian]

• The most important NBN story this week was that the network has the official Steve Wozniak stamp of approval. Considering Woz is a techno God among lesser men, we should take his approval and bask in it before building the network even faster. [ZDNet]