What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Lots of big NBN news this week, none of which involved cake. But that’s okay, the network is getting stronger every day…

• The former Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett this week took the media to task for turning the NBN into a sideshow. I agree with everything he said. [ITWire]

• The NBN is going to make cyber crime more prevalant, apparently. I’d argue that it’s going to get worse as more people use the internet for more things from more devices, regardless of the tubes we’re using to connect with [TMCnet]

• More and more fringe locations in Australia are wanting to be part of the fibre rollout – this time, it’s parts of North Stradbroke Island and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. [Bayside Bulletin]

• NBN Co awarded its construction tender to Silcar, a joint venture between a Leighton subsidiary and Siemens. It will be the exclusive fibre rollout partner for the first 12 months, until a second construction company will be introduced to rollout the network in capital cities. [Australian IT]

• If you want early access to the NBN, you might want to consider a job with a tech research company like CSIRO, NICTA or ACBI, given that this week it was announced they’d be using the network to create next generation apps for the network. The focus will apparently be on “health, aged care, entertainment and smart infrastructure initiatives”. Can’t wait to see what they come up with! [Australian IT]

• Want the NBN and Terabyte plans? It’ll happen, according to NBN Co’s Jim Hassell. Win! [ZDNet]

• NBN Co inked a deal with Ericsson for $1.1 billion to begin building the wireless component of the NBN for rural Australians. It’ll use LTE point-to-point configurations, which means it won’t work with your next LTE phone. [The Register]

• Councils in first and second release sites will be getting special NBN hubs to showcase the power of the network to people before they sign up. Great idea, made better only if they announce my exchange as a second release site… [Gizmodo]