Tumblr 2.0 For iPhone: Finally Usable

Tumblr 2.0 For iPhone: Finally Usable

I remember when I first downloaded the first official Tumblr app. It was clunky, slow, and didn’t show what I wanted it to. I promptly gave up on it. Version 2.0, on the other hand, is actually something I’d use.

What’s It Do?

Somewhere in between a tweet and a soul-revealing blog post, there’s a tumblr. And there are mill-ee-ons of them. The iPhone app used to suck but now it’s been graced with a brand new interface that makes it brainless to use (not that everyone who has a Tumblr is brainless!). I’m not kidding, I’ve created a new tumblr, posted three posts and found people to follow already. Tumblr on the iPhone is finally as natural to use as Twitter is or any well-designed app should be.

Why Do We Like It?

Everything about 2.0 is smoother, simpler and all-around better. That includes the app icon. Playing around with it, the dashboard is front-and-center in the way it should have been from the beginning. Writing an entry is easy – be it a photo post or just a reblog – and switching between multiple blogs is handled gracefully. See, before the app felt like it was hiding things from you. Now it feels much more natural. Even with a few loading issues, it’s pleasant enough to want to go back to between rapid-fire tweets.

Tumblr 2.0

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The Best

So much better

The Worst

A few loading issues