TomTom Tries To Fix The In-Car Charging Conundrum

It's a problem all gadget-loving drivers have faced at some point in time - how do I charge my phone, satnav, iPod, tablet and Bluetooth headset using the single 12V adaptor at the front of my car? TomTom has decided to try and solve the problem with its new high speed multicharger.

Essentially, its a plug that sits in your 12V charger and adds two USB ports to the standard 12V connector. That means you can plug in a standard 12V plug, as well as two USB cables to keep everything charging as you drive. One of the USB ports runs at 2.1 amps, allowing you to charge gadgets up to four times faster than the traditional 1.2 amp port.

For $40, it seems to be a pretty convenient addition to any gadget lover's car.


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