This Week’s Top Web Comedy Video: Ferris Bueller’s Last Day Off

This Week’s Top Web Comedy Video: Ferris Bueller’s Last Day Off

What happens when Ferris Bueller tries to recreate is famous day off 25 years later. A lot things that’ll make you laugh, sure, but none as funny as how impossibly old you’re going to feel after watching this.

Full video below. And the rest of this week’s top comedy videos can be found, including real-life LA Noire, real pretty nerd ladies, and one real sorry son with a special Father’s Day message.

whether or not “right-wing comedy” is an oxymoron.

-The blowback to Tracy Morgan’s homophobic comments continued, with Tina Fey and NBC releasing statements distancing themselves from him, his plans to make amends, Louis CK defending him and that defence sparking its own conversation.

We watched the 30 Rock porn parody as both a porn and a parody. Spoiler: it’s not great as either.

-Both Conan O’Brien and Fred Armisen delivered commencement addresses.

-In honour of its 20th anniversary, we looked back at the twisted and wonderful Ren and Stimpy.

We talked to Rob Huebel about Childrens Hospital and his other various projects.

-New trailers for Our Idiot Brother and 30 Minutes or Less hit the web.

It’s Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney gained 50 pounds just for fun.

-We checked out the lost roles of Mike Myers.

-We examined the long, storied history of the roast.

Pauly Shore’s Twitter account is a real bummer.

-Is Ben and Jerry’s prepping “Schweddy Balls” ice cream? I don’t know how to feel about this.

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