This 'Console' Is The Bastard Son Of An Xbox 360 And A PS3

This is "Arcade Game Box", model no. Nj-3802. While it may look like an unholy union of an Xbox 360 console and PlayStation 3 controllers, the truth is even stranger.

You see, being a Chinese knock-off, this isn't actually capable of playing Xbox 360 games. Or PlayStation games.

What it can do is play... Game Boy games. And Neo Geo games. And Capcom Play System 1 (CPS1) and CPS2 games. And "many arcade games", no doubt through some fancy emulation via PC hardware, which also accounts for the "console's" ability to serve as a media centre.

While the rip-off 360 hardware is too small to pass for the real thing, those lured by the novelty of it all can grab one for $US70.

Republished from Kotaku

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