The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have May 2011

Is the shine of your new iPad 2 gone yet? Hope not! An app from our list of best iPad apps should make it brand new all over again. Which apps were the best in May? Here they are.


Planetary: Planetary is an iPad-only music player that renders your music collection as a stunning universe of stars (artist), planets (albums), and moons (songs). It's a totally new way to explore music and brilliantly executed. Everything looks great, responds to touch and filled with clever details. And it's free. Free.

HitPad: Hitpad is your explainer for all things going on in the world, or well, all things going on in the world according to the internet. It finds the current 'trending topics' and gives you the news, tweets, videos, web and photos about them. It's a tidy and attractive app that keeps you up to date.

New Yorker: The first great iPad subscription: $US6 a month or $US60 a year. If you want the print and web version along with your iPad subscriptions, it's only 10 bucks more at $US70 a year. Which is to say that this is all a pretty damn good deal as each issue of literary excellence only costs you a buck fifty.

Adobe Eazel: Adobe Eazel works as a standalone paint application and also connects to Photoshop, sending images that get automagically scaled to whatever resolution you want. What's especially cool is the five finger interface and the mixing of wet and dry paint for colour blending, with an engine that allows paint to dry over time, just like in real life. $6.



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