Sonos Launches Two New Global Internet Radio Services

Sonos Launches Two New Global Internet Radio Services
 src=Sonos owners received a bit of a bonus overnight, with the company launching two new digital radio services to its customers around the world, including us here in Australia.

The two services are both free to use and offer different functionalities. AUPEO! is a bit like Last.FM, letting you create a personal radio station based on your own music taste, where you can like or ban songs as you see fit. There’s a premium version which offers the content without ads and a higher streaming quality as well, if you really like it.

The other service is Stitcher, which is a podcast service that lets you collect your favourite podcasts from around the world and stitch them together to create your own playlists. Some intelligent software will also recommend other podcasts you may like based on your preferences.

Considering they’re both free additions that are available to all Sonos customers today, it makes the digital music streamer an even more attractive option for music around your home.