Shooting Challenge: 12 Amazing Shots Of Bugs

Shooting Challenge: 12 Amazing Shots Of Bugs

Unlike me, you guys clearly have no problem getting up close and personal with the nastiest of creepy crawlies. The quality of shots in this week’s shooting challenge results are the best we’ve had so far, and there are one or two surprises, if you’ll follow me…

Damian Desoto

Nikon D90, Tamron 90mm Macro, f/16, ISO200, 10s.
I saw my friendly window spider come out on Sunday night and tried to snap a shot illuminated with a flashlight, but it quickly hid. I had to wait until Monday night for it to come out again and then tried with ambient lighting but it was too blurry. Out with the tripod; 30 minutes and 37 photos later, I finally got something I was happy with.
Even with a 10 second shutter, I still couldn’t get enough depth of field to get the whole spider in focus though.

Rhys Jones

Camera : Canon 7D
Lens: 28-135mm
ISO : 3200

I searched all weekend for bugs to take photo’s of, but couldn’t find anything. I was out for a run this afternoon and because its been so cold I had to take multiple breaks. 100m from my house I stumbled upon this. I rushed to get my camera and took a photo of it. I had walked past this 100 or so times and never seen it but found it just in time.

Sheridan Tighe

Camera: Canon EOS 400D
Lens: 18-55mm kit lens + screw-on macro filter, ISO 400, f/7.1, 1/25″ hand-held. This is a 20% crop of the original image, processed in Lightroom.
This was taken in my kitchen while I was fixing dinner. We have ants, and every once in a while we put down Ant-Rid to get rid of them. These guys were lined up around a blob of Ant-Rid merrily gathering up the poison.

Hasara Fernando

I was trying to find a bee to take a photo for this weeks challenge, but there were none around our flowers at home. Instead I found this flower with ants on it. I was playing around with my new lens and loved the way this came out.

Camera Settings: Nikon D60, 70-200mm lens, f/6.3, 1/2500 sec, ISO-1600

Amanda Deanne

I found this spider on the outside wall of my house, he manages to be beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Taken using NikonD3100, f/11, 1/60sec exposure, 150mm, ISO 800.

Nathan Soo

Was about to start a spray job on a uni project and was grabbing bricks to use as weights when this guy appeared, so obviously the first thing to do was to grab my camera out and take a few shots. Conveniently, his webbing can still be seen in shot, I don’t think he really appreciated the invasion of privacy however. The image was cropped down and exposure slightly corrected in Photoshop.

Camera: Olympus XZ-1
ISO: 100
F-Stop: f/1.8
Exposure Time: 1/5 sec

Cole Barnett

Equipment – FUJIFILM FinePix S5700 S700 7mp, Exposure -1/240, Focal Length – 6.3, F number – 5.

Went out in the backyard to check the pool, put my hand on the fence, and found this bad boy sitting next to me. Spiky legs and long fangs waiting to grab me.

Michael Siegel

This shot was taken on a hike in Grampians National Park, Victoria. I and a few other US exchange students were hiking around and nearly stepped on this depressed little guy. Thankfully, we got his mug shot before sending him on his way.

Canon 7D
Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 (non-VC model)

James Sayed

Camera: Nikon D3000
Exposure Time: 1/20
F-stop f/4

Location: Table

After trying to catch a picture of a fly in mid-flight for 5 minutes in the rain, I gave up. I came inside to eat some delicious skittles, for after all the rain we have been having I felt like tasting the rainbow at the end. Cue magic brain wave and awesome camera skills, I managed to make something that looked link of like a spider. So I took a photo.

How many skittles can you see that don’t have the “s” on them!?

Phillip Mantica

I am usually in Oz but at the moment due to family I am in the Netherlands. Not my favourite place due to the weather but this summer is great. After a day out, I was enjoying a nice cold beer in the late afternoon sun when I noticed a butterfly kept landing in the middle of a flower border, on the mud, ignoring the bright flowers. That’s a bit weird, I thought. The contrast between the beautiful butterfly and the boring brown humus got me so I lay down in the grass for a bit and as carefully as I could and tried to capture it. Then I finished my beer 

Canon 5D Mark II
75-300mm IS Canon lens
f/5.6 1/4000
ISO 1000

I had the ISO set so high as just earlier in the garden I needed to get a very fast shutter speed. I should have dropped the ISO, increased depth of focus a little .. but the picture would have got away from me 

So our Media class at school today in the afternoon when it was semi-warm and sunny to the Bontanical Gardens here in Geelong which is situated right next to the school to take some photo’s. It was shot on a Canon 1000D in RAW format with an apature of f/5.6, 1/100s, ISO 400. This shot involved getting as close as possible with my 18-55mm lens (the focal lengh being the 55mm), along with the sheer luck that the Dragonfly didn’t actually fly away from it’s resting place.


Pav Dharia

This photo was taken with my 7D. In the previous challenge with Phones, I had flipped my 50mm f1.8 to get the macro shot of the iphone’s screen. I happened to see some ants running around on a rock, and snapped it up with the same flipped lens technique!

Taken at f3.5 ISO400 Shutter at 1/500. Used Preview to warm up the colours and add a bit of saturation.