Razor Pit Supposedly Makes Your Razor Good For 150 Shaves

The worst thing about being a man? Shaving. Not only is it uncomfortable, but razor blades are ridiculously expensive. The Razor Pit supposedly fixes one of those problems by letting you sharpen and refine your razor blades up to 150 times.

Costing $30, the Razor Pit is a sharpener that removes all the crap that gets stuck in the blades after you shave. You know, the oils, the hair, the dead skin follicles... all that nice stuff that causes your razor to rust prematurely. Apparently it takes 12 seconds to do and will let the razor last for up to 150 shaves.

We're kind of sceptical, but given that an 8-pack of razors can cost almost as much as this thing does, maybe it's worth giving it a go to see if it works?


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