Panasonic Toughbook Android Tablet Is A Rugged Beast

Panasonic's venerable Toughbook line is introducing a 10.1-inch Android tablet. Unlike the sissy tablets everyone else is putting out, the Toughbook will be secure, rugged, durable and, hell, even come with a matte screen.

Not much is currently known about the Toughbook Android Tablet - it'll have GPS, 3G or 4G and strong battery life but one of the press photos oddly show the tablet running Android 2.x and not Honeycomb (we're going to quietly hope that's not the case). No prince has been announced but the Tablet is expected to be available in the 4th quarter this year. [PC Mag]



    Give me Gingerbread, decent-ish battery life and a USB port (straight up or via an addon peripheral) and SOLD!

    Like the idea of Panasonic's toughbooks, and more liking the idea of a tablet I can just chuck in the bag or anywhere and have it survive

      Why Gingerbread and not 3.1??

        Argh, I meant Honeycomb... stupid reading the article and getting stuck in my head

    Isn't 4th quarter of 2011 supposed to be when ice cream sandwhich comes out? Hopefully it will run that... hey, a guy can dream right?

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