Now You Can Own The Taliban Chess Set

Now You Can Own The Taliban Chess Set

Surely you can find a reason to give someone the Taliban chess set, from Canadian toy company Hedwig & Sergeant Major. Fight the “Good War” from the comfort of your own home!

For just $US250, you can choose a set, such as America vs Taliban, or Britain vs Iraqi insurgents and more. You’re given a choice between two different kings for the American side depending on who you feel was/is a better Commander in Chief, George W. Bush or Barack Obama. The queen is the Statue of Liberty, the rook is the World Trade centre, and the rest of the American pieces are various soldiers. The Taliban side is led by former Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, with a chadri-clad woman as the queen. Then you’ve got a suicide bomber, a fighter with an RPG and so on.

Hedwig & Sergeant Major offers descriptions that are rather informative, too, like this one for the Taliban knight:

Suicide bombing usually refers to an individual wearing explosives and detonating them in order to kill others including themselves, a technique pioneered by LTTE [Tamil Tigers] . The bomber will conceal explosives on and around their person, commonly using a vest and will use a timer or some other trigger to detonate the explosives. The logic behind such attacks is the belief that an IED delivered by a human has a greater chance of achieving success than any other method of attack. In addition, there is the psychological impact of terrorists prepared to deliberately sacrifice or martyr themselves for their cause.

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