Meet Gizmodo’s Guest Artist: Nook

Meet Gizmodo’s Guest Artist: Nook

If you’re an eagle-eyed reader, you’ve probably noticed our new guest artist for the month: Nook. He specialises in illustrations and motion design and if you’ve seen his work, you’ll know how eye popping his stuff can be.

Nook’s illustrations have graced the pages of Wired, Popular Mechanics and IdN and he’s also done work on campaigns with Pepsi and VH1. Originally, Nook wanted to be a realist painter but decided late in university to pursue another path. In an interview with Computerlove, Nook describes his illustration style

When you look at anime and manga masters they did that with style. The juxtapositions of the nice clean characters against the painstakingly detailed backgrounds was something that drew me in. I also liked the idea of snapshots from a story, something right in the middle, awkward and subtle. You know the ordinary with a slight drop of the absurd. That being said I’d like to think my work isn’t straight anime and has some of those more traditional ideas driving behind it.

Nook’s illustrations has a certain story telling aspect to it, like the piece he did for us on Homebrew Cleaners vs Corporate chemicals, you felt like the two characters had this whole rivalry backstory that you wanted to learn more about.

No word on whether he prefers a Kindle or Nook, though.

Here’s the illustrations he’s done at Gizmodo:

Homebrew Cleaners vs Corporate Chemicals: Who Wins?
The Government’s Gadget Habit Has Cost You Hundreds of Millions

And here’s his personal website:

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