LG Bringing Optimus Black to All Carriers This Month

LG's hero handset for 2011, the Optimus Black, was meant to hit store shelves in May, but although it missed that window, the good news is that it's landing across all three carriers, starting this month.

The 9.2mm thick Android handset will launch running Froyo, although LG have promised a Gingerbread update in the near future. But the key feature is the NOVA display, which offer 700 nit brightness when in direct sunlight, beating glare back like a pro.

Pricing varies depending on carrier, with the handset to be available on anything from a $29 cap plan to a $59 cap plan, which seems like a bargain for a relatively high specced handset. While both Optus and Voda customers will have the phone this month, Telstra customers will be waiting until early July.

Compared to the Galaxy S II, I'd probably opt for the Samsung offering, but then again I'm known for having expensive taste. What about you guys - does this rate higher or lower than the other Android smartphones on the market?



    I've got to say, my SGSII is the first smartphone my better half has actually thought "I might like one of my own". That said, Nav, Music & facebook would be her main apps, so dual core is far from essential, but the bright screen combined with a thin body & light weight (109g as I understand it) could be a killer combination for her to upgrade from her current feature phone, especially if it's offered at a reasonable price (compared to the $899 the SGSII will retail for here).

    "Compared to the Galaxy S II, I’d probably opt for the Samsung offering, but then again I’m known for having expensive taste."

    Oh Nick, I was planning to take you fine dining, but you don't drink table water?

    Who is offering this on the $29 plan?

      I know that Optus are offering the Optimus Black on a $29p/m and a handset fee of $9 a month in Australia

    Virgin mobile is offering this on Cap $29

    I am very inclined to get this phone,....

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