Kinect Fun Labs Delivers Object Scanning, Life-Like Avatars

Kinect Fun Labs Delivers Object Scanning, Life-Like Avatars

Going live on the Xbox 360’s Kinect hub later this morning, Kinect Fun Labs is a series of gadgets that deliver enhanced functionality to Microsoft’s magical camera peripheral, including scanning in your face to create realistic avatars and unrealistic bobbleheads.

While the official reveal isn’t happening for another hour and a half, the website briefly flashed a video of the Kinect Fun Labs gadgets earlier this morning.

Here’s what’s coming soon to an Xbox near you:

Build-a-Buddy: Scan in your favourite objects and play with them on your television screen.
Googly Eyes: Scan in an object and actually become the object.
Kinect Me: Make an avatar that looks just like you and creep out your friends.
BobbleHead: Create your own BobbleHead.
Sparklers: A nifty looking 3D photo application that allows you to draw on your pictures with coloured light.

Players will be able to share their creations with friends via the friend hub. At the end of the video, Major Nelson mentions the gadgets being available now, so check your Kinect hub later today for new ways to play.


Republished from Kotaku