Is This The LulzSec/Anon Warrior's Handbook?

Operation AntiSec is in action, having taken down the UK's organised crime investigatory wing and claiming a seizure of the entire 2011 UK Census. So how are they doing it? Possibly with this hacker handbook, provided by Anon:

The document, entitled "The OpNewblood Super Secret Security Handbook" covers a variety of mundane software setup techniques: Firefox plugins, getting your IRC client running, and other innocuous tips. But the final section, "ADVANCED GUIDE TO HACKING AND SECURITY VULNERABILITY" (look at those caps!) gets into some red meaty stuff: DDoS, packet sniffing, and server penetration - all made easy.

If AntiSec is truly going to be the decentralised, disorganised orgy of hacks, leaks, and general net destruction, it's safe to bet this guide is going to be circulating beyond a few retweets. If you're feeling paranoid or otherwise vulnerable, you might want to consult Section 6: Advanced Defence Techniques. [via Twitter]

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