iPhone Bottle Opener Case Is The Perfect Aussie Kickstarter Project

How many times have you gone to crack open a nice, pop-top beer only to discover there's no bottle opener anywhere in sight? It happened enough to Melbourne entrepreneurs Rob Ward and Chris Peters that they decided to create the world's first iPhone 4 case with a built-in bottle opener.

Dubbed the Opena, the case protects your iPhone 4, while offering a supportive frame to prevent damage to your phone while popping the top off a cold one. The slide out opener is made from laser cut stainless steel, and has reportedly been analyzed by an ex-Boeing Aerospace Engineer and given two thumbs up.

The Opena is still just a Kickstarter project at this point in time though. With 28 days to go, they still need to make $9,500 to get the project off the ground. A pledge of $US15 or more pretty much guarantees you your own Opena iPhone 4 case delivered to your door, so we suggest you all go and pledge away so the world can enjoy opening beers with iPhones.




    Shame this has already been done. It was done from CELLTECH / CELLNET / FORCE and also came with a free app to count how many beer bottle lids you have cracked open.

    Sorry Guys.

      Been done yes...but badly!
      You seen how bolky that other one is!?
      This newer design is much sleeker, the other one is like a brick!
      Everythjing has been done dude, just matte of doing it better and clearly these guys are ont oa much better design, the other one turns th phone into a brick!

    At least we'll be buying Australian. JUst like everybody wants.

    Shame I don't have an iPhone 4, and the "Early Bird" offer is gone.

    They are now from $30 onwards with free shipping in Australia or the US, +$10 anywhere else for postage.

    Already up to 6 Grand with 28 days to go.

    Real men don't need bottle openers.

      Damn Right. If you can't open it with your forearm, belt buckle, cigarette lighter, teeth, shoe, keys or eye socket, you shouldn't be allowed to drink it.

    Let me post my response to this story in the form of a joke;
    Q. How many men does it take to open a beer?
    A. None, it should already be open by the time she brings it

    Already done as Kris points out:


    That's just out and out CHEATING!!!...but I love to cheat so I want one!


    Thats the one I was talking about. I work for a Retail store & we hear about this about April 28 2011.


    OK guys, but if the US version is anything like the quality of beer they produce there then I'll take the Australian one anyday thanks ;)

    Thanks to Gizmodo and to all the Aussies supporting the Opena. If you look at our backers list most are first time backers and we are so greatful to all who have helped us. Still a long way to go so please share this with your friends and help us get across the line.


    What is the royalty percentage you pay to the original inventors?

      Original inventors???
      Do you mean the inventors of th bottle opener?
      Hey whats the royalty % Every car company pays to the creator of the first car?

      Dont think there would be any royalty its a current product being adapted to a market as far as i can tell.

    this is an i-opena
    Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.

    This really sounds funny iphone with built in opener but this will be very customers who use to drink anywhere because basically in shops, cafes, bars, lounges openers are there.

    Only in Australia!

    Its an awesome idea and if you compare its design to the other flimsy pieces of junk listed here... This one is definitively a winner!

    Like @gman said - There is no longer such thing as a new idea - Just better ones!

    I now wait for a Nexus S version and I'm sold!

    This is a bloody great idea. I cant wait to get my hands on one, top form boyz

    How did they get around needing valid US citizenship, credit card etc... to start a Kickstarter project?!

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