iPhone Bottle Opener Case Is The Perfect Aussie Kickstarter Project

How many times have you gone to crack open a nice, pop-top beer only to discover there’s no bottle opener anywhere in sight? It happened enough to Melbourne entrepreneurs Rob Ward and Chris Peters that they decided to create the world’s first iPhone 4 case with a built-in bottle opener.

Dubbed the Opena, the case protects your iPhone 4, while offering a supportive frame to prevent damage to your phone while popping the top off a cold one. The slide out opener is made from laser cut stainless steel, and has reportedly been analyzed by an ex-Boeing Aerospace Engineer and given two thumbs up.

The Opena is still just a Kickstarter project at this point in time though. With 28 days to go, they still need to make $9,500 to get the project off the ground. A pledge of $US15 or more pretty much guarantees you your own Opena iPhone 4 case delivered to your door, so we suggest you all go and pledge away so the world can enjoy opening beers with iPhones.