Idea Flight For iPad

Idea Flight For iPad

Imagine you have a presentation to show off but instead of using a projector and paper print outs, you’re using iPads. Why? Because with Idea Flight for iPad, you can control what everyone gets to see on their iPad.

What is it?

Idea Flight, Free, iPad. At the core, Idea Flight is like a screen-sharing app for iPad. But it’s really smart for business people who often find themselves stuck in meetings. Instead of printing out a zillion pages of documents and graphs for each person to thumb through, you just upload your PDF file to either Dropbox, email or iTunes File Sharing, and your meeting notes will be available to be seen by everyone in the meeting with an iPad.

What’s really cool is that you get to have complete control over the pace of the meeting because how you interact with your presentation (move forward, zoom, etc) is what they’ll see on their iPad screen. Idea Flight calls it being the ‘Pilot’, which means you’re the guy who can control up to 15 iPad screens on a local network. Your control of their screen means they won’t be able to thumb around and get sidetracked because all they’ll be able to see is what’s on your iPad. Efficiency!

There’s some use for Idea Flight for non-business people too, it could be a great way to show off pictures to a group or it could be super useful in classroom settings, with a teacher dictating the pace of the entire class.

Who’s it good for?

People who lead meetings. People who show presentations. People who show pictures. People who’ve got a lot of iPads laying around or work in an environment with a lot of iPads around.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

I don’t go to meetings often but I’ve heard the horror and banality of it all. Getting a packet, listening to people drone on and on, dozing off, eating fruit etc. Idea Flight keeps people on the same page and lets you see the presentation up close. Also, the ‘Pilot’ can unlock their control earlier if they want to allow freewheeling of their presentation. There’s options.

How could it be even better?

It would be super cool if you didn’t have to be on a local Wi-fi network or Bluetooth because this is perfect for long distance meetings. I wish I could just use files stored on my iPad sometimes. The in-app purchase to become a ‘Pilot’ is fair but a little misleading since I thought the app was free.

Idea Flight for iPad [iTunes]