How To Turn Your MacBook Into A Touch-Less iPad

This is quite ingenious: A program that turns your MacBook into a dual-screen iPad. Except one of the screens is broken. And the other one doesn't have touch. OK, this program just rotates your screen when you rotate your MacBook.

It's called Mac Screen and it costs $US5, which may be a lot because you can do this for free right now:

• Open System Preferences from the top left Apple menu. • Hold down the Command and Option keys while clicking on the Display panel. • You will see a previously hidden Rotation pull-down menu. Just select the orientation you want.

Mac Screen, however, automates this process by using the acceleration sensor on the MacBook to do the job. When you rotate your computer, it will automatically rotate everything around. This will work great on the Air, especially the 11-inch version.

This reminds me of the good old times of the Radius Pivot, which will work both in portrait and landscape mode when you rotated the CRT creen - yes, rotate the damn cathode ray tube. It was MAGIC. [Download it via Mac Screen via Ubergizmo]

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