Harvey Norman To Get Microsoft Surface Photo Kiosks

Still waiting to get your greasy fingers on one of those crazy expensive Surface 2 touch-tables? You probably won’t get to play cool demos like those shown in this video, but you will be able to create and order your own photo book from Fuji Film.

The kiosks will be rolled out in the next month or so, and will let multiple users import photos from a USB stick, media card or CD, and simultaneously compose albums using multi-touch gestures. But will it play Angry Birds? [Mumbrella]



    I predict they'll be broken in the time it takes you to find the one employee trained to use them.

      Says the troll with the 'mac' surname.

        A little paranoid don't you think? Not necessarily an anti-Microsoft comment.

        Knowing Harvey Norman, they'll be in awful condition about 10 minutes in.

        It's Mac because I'm Scottish.

        If anything I'm a Microsoft fanboy, and I personaly cannot stand the apple cult.

        I was actually bitching about Harvey Norman... I really like the MS Surface.

          I have to agree

          "come to Harvey Norman to see the surface! it's BSOD/password locked/unplugged like all our other electronics but you can still see it!"

    A desperate attempt to draw people into stores. Who prints these days anyway?

      Don't know about you but my girlfriend,her mother, my mother and just about every girl I know always gets photos printed and gets them put in really fancy photo-albums to share with each other.

      I wouldn't say desperate, I'd say savvy. Retailers are going to have to value add to their retail store experiences to get people into their shops. It seems to me to be a step in the right direction to mediating the beating they're taking from online shopping.

      A couple of surfaces aren't going to change anything, but the thinking is sound.

    This is terrible news. How will anyone ever take Surface seriously now?

    Thanks, Harvey!

    Let's not let gerry harvey off the hook for trying to get the government to rape us on internet purchases. Don't buy from harvey norman ever, Send that bastard broke, he needs to learn his place.

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