Hack A Window Into Your Shorts So You Can Control Your Smartphone

Hipsters wear tight, tight pants. Getting your phone in and out of tight, tight pants may be difficult. Kiwi clothes-modder TeWharauNZ has created a series of Instructables aimed at maximising pocket versatility for smartphones, but the insertion of a PVC window into a pair of shorts is easily the most impressive.

Essentially, the Instructable shows you how to create a dedicated space for your touchscreen smartphone in your shorts with a PVC window, which allows you to access your phone without having to remove it from your pocket.

If you like the idea of hacking a window into your pants, the full instructions are available here. Alternatively, you can check out TeWharauNZ's instructions on how to make sure your phone remains upright in your pocket, or how to convert your coin pocket to a phone pocket in certain jeans.


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