Group Buying Now Available For eBooks

You can group buy anything from a steak to a full body man-wax these days (which of you guys bought that one, hey?), but generally group buys are only available for physical products or services. Not digital products like eBooks... until now that is.

eBook site BookBee has partnered with US group deals startup Stampede.It to offer group deals for digital books. The first book off the rank is thriller The Gorge by Scott Nicholson. But unlike some group deal sites, the Stampede.It deal gets cheaper and cheaper the more people sign up, with this particular book going from $US3 RRP down to $US1.50 if 20 people buy in, $US1 if 50 people buy in or $US0.75 if 100 buy in.

The book comes in ePUB format and is readable on pretty much any eReader. While this is teh first eBook on offer, BookBee promises many more eBook deals to come. It's well worth keeping an eye on if you enjoy reading and saving money...


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