Drop Test: iPad 2 Vs Motorola Xoom Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

We've seen what happens when a Smart-Covered iPad 2 endures serious abuse. But how do different tablets fare in the same test? The people responsible for the last stress test dropped an iPad, Xoom and Galaxy Tab to find out.

All three tablets were dropped from waist level, the Galaxy Tab fared the best out of the three, likely because of its plastic screen. The Xoom came in second, though it was virtually unusable after being dropped. And the the iPad 2 revealed itself as the most delicate of the three tablets, with a screen that was unrecognisable after the damage was done.

The more you know. [SquareTrade]



    Hmmm, might get that Xoom cover after all :)
    Nice one. Was wondering how well they would fair. Would be interesting to know how they would cope dropped on an edge but on carpet (office style)

    Cheers :)


    yeah but look at the screen size difference.
    there is a lot more surface to be damaged on the ipad

      iPad 10", Xoom 10" & Samsung 8.9". Not much difference between the last and first but Xoom is the same. ipad is weak physically so be it.

    Amusing that you held the iPad a foot lower in the drop tests than the galaxy and xoom.. ;-)

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